Lucky Angler

Lucky Angler is a 15 payline video slot that runs on the NetEnt software platform. The game features frozen waters and its various inhabitants. The goldfish hook is a sticky wild, and the scatter plot is the symbol of the scatter fish. Players are welcome to test the slot machines on this page for free, or choose any NetEnt casino found in the list to play the game for real money.

Lucky Fortune

Every GamingSoft online slot machine enthusiast can participate in colorful folklore and history-themed online casino slot machines called Lucky Fortune for incredible adventures. As expected by our team, it has the popular free spins feature, wild symbol feature (theability to swap all other symbols on the reels, which may help get more big bonuses), scatter plots ( Usually related to online slot machines; they (do not need to be part of a winning combination). After playing, our team found that Lucky Fortune Casino Slot Machines have a very unique feel, and we will certainly find it interesting! First of all, you can try it With luck. After doing this, you can prepare for real money online casino!

Money Bang Bang

Check out our Money Bang Bang Slot Review to see what's going on in this enticing 5-axis slot. Inspired by the old Western story, this simple 9 payline game will let you and the town sheriff go looking for some legendary California gold. Start with the basic symbols of the game. The smallest paid icon is playing cards, which can pay between 0.02 and 400 chips per combination depending on your bet.

Mayan Element Of Life

The Maya have very interesting beliefs and traditions, and now with this game we can see this. Maya Elemental Life is a unique online slot game designed and distributed by Gamingsoft. We really like the graphics of this slot because it has a strikingly colored icon, a scroll of stones, and images of stones arranged in a circle in the background.

Mystery Lake Of Pearl

Let's explore a lake with fish and frogs inside. Mystery Lake Of Pearl is an Asian-themed online slot game designed and distributed by Gamingsoft. This is an online slot machine with exquisite visual elements, such as 3D-like icons, dark scrolls, vividly colored icons, and a lake cleverly displayed in the background.

Mid Night Carnival

Every gambler who likes GamingSoft online slot machines will be invited to a party and have fun playing a free online game slot machine called Midnight Carnival. It brings a unique feeling and I love playing with it! Now, play Midnight Ride for free on our website. When you are confident, you can play this impressive slot machine in many online casinos!

Ocean Trouble

Dark blue creatures seem to be having problems. That's right, this is the "ocean trouble" period, which includes friendly dolphins, turtles, sea fish, and sea horses, as well as evil sharks, angry octopuses, ordinary puffer fish, and cunning lobsters.

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